Children´s Concert

Rhythm is one of the most basic forms of musical expression. This is why Via Nova considers it very important for children in particular to have early access to the world of rhythm. However, this should be done without seeming like "learning" - in a playful and enjoyable way. The ensemble has put together two different programmes for children:

Themusical fairy tale:

At the core of the concert is the performance of a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The tale is told by a narrator, assisted musically and visually by various instruments, melodies, rhythms and show interludes.

The wonderful world of percussion:

Children are introduced to musical genres and rhythms from different parts of the world, using all imaginable and unimaginable instruments, including boxes, typewriters, horns, cans, lighters and basketballs. The children take part in the concerts in an informal way. To make the children feel at ease and to make the next pieces more understandable, there are always rhythmic clapping games and stories. At the end of the concert, the children have the opportunity to see all the instruments up close and try them out.