Orient meets Occident

Join Via Nova on a musical journey full of passion, vitality and emotion. Musical fireworks with music from Japan, the Orient, Europe, South and North America.  Eastern melodies and rhythms meet Western music genres such as tango, waltz and blues. Among the highlights of the programme are arrangements of dances and songs collected by the ensemble from various parts of the Orient. In addition to modern percussion instruments, Via Nova also uses other traditional and unusual instruments.

"How the four surrender themselves to the rush of speed on the marimbas with "Bulgarian Folksongs" is perhaps "crazy" ... Since the ear can no longer follow these furious, complicated rhythms, you try to rely on your eyes and keep up with the flying drumsticks. The only result of which is that you quickly feel dizzy ..."  (Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten) 

"The programme continued in the evening with the acclaimed performance of the percussion quartet Via Nova..... The two Bulgarians and the two Austrians dazzled their audience with "crooked bar" dances and virtuoso pieces" (Hamburger Abendblatt)

"... when Alexander Kamenarov, Georgi Varbanov, Rupert Struber and John Eder are in action, it is clear that what you get are four men obsessed with sound.  ...As a listener, you are submerged in hypnotic rhythms, and listen to the various shades of the Bulgarian Tapan - a drum that is played on both sides, as in the dance "Za Barabani", or you let yourself go as you imagine the sunrise over the Black Sea. They are as well-synched as the transmission of a limousine, despite tricky polyphony their performance is earth-shattering, the sharp accents are chiselled and their virtuosity with marimba and vibraphones is as breath-taking as a Formula One car..."     (Die Rheinpfalz)

"As masters of their craft, the four artists have revealed themselves with their adaptations, from Astor Piazzolla to E. Nazareth, demonstrating in a natural way their view of life, tinged with melancholy" (Borkener Zeitung)