Percussion meets Theater

Via Nova is remaining true to its name by continuing to break new ground. Experience a fascinating concert that stimulates all your senses! The group is presenting a programme of original works and own compositions, where the theatrical element plays a prominent role. The artists take on different roles: from backward cave explorers equipped with headlamps and aliens who discover percussion instruments on our planet for the first time, to Asian fighters, who take up the fight with evil with the help of the thousand-year-old Japanese drum tradition, and the masks used in traditional Japanese theatre. In addition, unusual instruments such as lighters, typewriters and simple wooden tables are used to perform the works. The result is an extraordinary spectacle, involving over one hundred percussion and special instruments and enhanced by lighting effects, masks and disguises.

"Four drums, played in a kind of ritual dance, provide for an incredibly rich piece of music, an explosion that brings the house down" (Donau Kurier Ingolstadt)

"A strong start, finished off in the evening with a bang. The four use absolutely anything that can be used to produce a sound and rhythm, including special effects. Sound and light flash and crackle in the sound choreography for lighters by Emmanuel Séjourné... and the fine Tischmusik by Thierry de Mey, table and cloth are tapped, beaten and stroked in a delightful performance." (Landeszeitung für die Lüneburger Heide)

" ... a young international percussion quartet who expanded the acoustic possibilities of percussion instruments by an entire dimension and at the same time fizzed with so much unorthodox energy and virtuoso playing. ..." "Via Nova were impressive playing as a group thanks to their rare discipline and perfection. ... Alexander Kamenarov, Georgi Varbanov, Rupert Struber and Johannes Eder always conveyed both dedication to and pleasure in the music." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)