Via Nova Percussion Group & Flute

Flute and percussion instruments: a combination of instruments that have nothing in common? This is definitely not the case, because early flutes and percussion instruments are believed to be the oldest musical instruments of all. Of course, some time was needed from the days of wooden wedges and bone flutes before, in 1963, André Jolivet composed the first piece for this combination of instruments, the "Suite en Concert", an amazing piece of harmonic colour and diversity.

It was also to a large extent this work which prompted Via Nova to put together a full evening programme featuring a combination of these distinctive instruments, after the group won the special prize for the best interpretation of this very piece at the IPCL in 2005. A Vivaldi concert, arranged by Via Nova for mallet instruments (marimbas and vibraphone) and a selection of tangos by Astor Piazzolla, complete the programme.


"at the end of the evening, a whole section of Piazzola tangos: highly stimulating for all the senses" (Drehpunkt Kultur).

"The alienized Vivaldi became a bright new sound experience and Jolivet's Suite showed, especially in the two slow movements when the flute sings elegically, what a mysterious world can be created by a percussion ensemble."(Basellandschaftliche Zeitung)

"With the same sensitivity for sound and rhythmical dexterity, the ensemble approached the "Suite en concert pour flûte et percussion" by Andre Jolivet. Among the elements of a rather conventional flute piece, the "Via Nova" instrumentalists articulated such a subtle, metric and polyrhythmic foundation that the performance became a genuine plea for Jolivet's decidedly Gallic style of composition." (Luxemburger Wort)